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Terms of Service

Custom College Recruiting Terms of Service/Disclaimer

Service of CCR: CCR agrees to educate and guide the family through all aspects of the collegiate
recruiting process by utilizing the CCR website and the personal relationships with
college coaches, and experience from playing, coaching, and recruiting at the high
school and college level. CCR further agrees, upon receipt of monetary funds by CCR
that the student-athlete is in accordance with NCAA and NAIA rules and qualifies to
be introduced to collegiate coaches; CCR will prepare and produce a student-athlete
scouting report and regularly update statistics and other appropriate information
that is submitted by the student athlete for the membership period ending on the
following August. The student athlete’s scouting report will be delivered to all
colleges and universities that CCR has access contact information for. In further
accordance with NCAA and NAIA rules, CCR does not intend any of the services it
provides nor shall those services be construed or deemed to be an attempt or
promise to place a student-athlete with a particular college and or guarantee a
scholarship offer. The Parties agree that CCR will make the final determination of
which Clients qualify for its service. CCR reserves the right not to accept a student
who, in our opinion, does not have a reasonable chance to benefit from our service, or
who we otherwise cannot accept as a client.  The determination of colleges that a
student(s) scouting report is sent to rests solely with the discretion of CCR. The
Client does not legally hold CCR responsible for the decision on any scholarship or
grant; this determination lies with the institutions to which the service is provided.

Cost of Service: (options)-There are different cost options based on year of student, 
as well as additional services purchased. You also have the option of engaging in a payment plan. 
The monthly installment plan is NOT cancellable and once you’ve started this subscription, 
you are obligated to completely the entirety of payments. If for any reason, a subscriber fails 
to pay one of the monthly installments, their subscription will also be discontinued until the payment 
and any additional installments payments are received in full.

Notice and Consent: The Client understands and acknowledges that CCR will gather all personal
information regarding the Client and deliver such information to third parties in order
to perform its services under this agreement. Such information may include, but is not
limited to, the student’s full name, home address, email address, telephone number
and any other information that will allow third parties to contact the student, as well
as the student’s academic and athletic information and photographs. By executing
this agreement the Client expressly consents to the collection, disclosure and
distribution of all such information to third parties, including colleges and universities,
in connection with the services provided hereunder. It is our understanding that the
CCR may use the student's name in promotional material as well as with the media.

Default and Remedies: In the event Client (i) fails to make any payment due under the terms of this
Agreement within the 10 days subsequent to the date on which said payment was
due, (ii) breaches any term, responsibility or representation contained in this
Agreement, (iii) violates any NCAA or NAIA rule in regard to recruitment, (iv) makes
any false or misleading representation in regard to this Agreement or in the course of
CCR’s services provided to Client, or (v) fails or ceases to cooperate with CCR, then
CCR shall have the right to exercise any one or more of the following cumulative
a. without notice, deem the entire amount Client is required to pay under this
Agreement immediately due, owing and payable (in such a case, any partial payment
toward the full amount due shall not be deemed or construed a cure of the default);
b. proceed to appropriate court action, whether in law, equity or bankruptcy, to
enforce performance by Client of the covenants or terms of this Agreement and/or to
recover damages for the breach thereof;
c. terminate this Agreement provided, however, that any other remedy provided for
herein shall survive such termination;
d. cease providing any service CCR is required to provide under this Agreement.;
e. refer any amount due, owing and payable to CCR under this Agreement to an
accredited collection agency or otherwise report any such amount due, owing and
payable to an appropriate credit reporting service; and/or
f. exercise any other lawful remedy or take any other lawful action available to CCR.
All remedies of CCR hereunder are cumulative and may, to the extent permitted by
law, be exercised concurrently or separately, and the exercise of any one remedy shall
not be deemed to be an election of such remedy or to preclude the exercise of any
other remedy. No failure on the party of CCR to exercise, and no delay in exercising,
any right or remedy hereunder shall operate as a waiver of same. In the event CCR
files an action in any court to remedy Client’s default, CCR, if successful therein, shall
be entitled to recover its costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred to
enforce the terms, provisions and conditions of this Agreement

Consent to Jurisdiction: Client consents, agrees and stipulates that (a) this Agreement shall be deemed fully
executed and performed in the State of Kentucky and shall be governed by and
construed in accordance with that State’s substantive laws without reference to the
conflict of laws; (b) exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any action, proceeding or
appeal or any matter related to or arising out of this agreement shall be in any state or
federal court sitting in the County of Daviess, State of Kentucky; and (c) CCR and
Client each waive the right to trial by jury such that any trial shall be by and only to
the court.

Waiver: The Client waives, releases and holds harmless CCR from any and all liability that may
arise from the accuracy, disclosure or distribution of any and all information in
connection with this membership/services agreement.

CCR Injury Guarantee: In the event that one of our CCR members suffers a “career ending” injury, CCR will
approve a request for a hardship refund after the expiration date of the above
mentioned guarantee, refund would consist of all monies paid over 50% of the total
program investment, (total investment listed at the bottom of this page), as long as it
is accompanied by a letter from the attending physician, the family has met all the
requirements outlined in the “Student Athlete and Family Responsibilities” ”Should
the Client fail to cancel this agreement within the time provided herein (30 days), the
client may notify CCR Member Service of their desire to cancel their membership at
any time; however, all fees previously paid shall be deemed earned and non-
refundable and any fees to be paid in the future on any payment plan shall be deemed
earned and therefore continue to be due and owing under that payment plan.

This Agreement, constitutes the final, complete, and exclusive statement of the
agreement of the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes
any and all other prior and contemporaneous agreements and understandings, both
written and oral, between the Parties.

CCR Disclaimer:
I have fully read and understand the above agreement details and give my consent
that in no way has Custom College Recruiting LLC or any representative or employee
of Custom College Recruiting LLC made any promise or guarantee of scholarship
amounts, scholarship offer, or athletic placement with any school. I understand that
Custom College Recruiting LLC is in no way affiliated with any College, University,
Prep school, Post Grad School or High school and is not in any way responsible or
liable for the actions of said schools that I may decide to attend. I understand that it is
my responsibility to get any and all information regarding the school that I choose
from that school, its administrators or coaches. I understand that Custom College
Recruiting LLC or any of its members are not responsible for providing information
beyond that of a school that would be interested in me attending. I understand that
the final decision to attend a University, College, Prep School, Post Grad or High
School and any decisions I make are based solely off of my own opinion and the
information provided by the interested school or program. I understand that I am
responsible for any insurance that may need to be obtained as well as any potential
travel costs associated with visiting or ultimately attending a University, College,
Prep School, Post Grad School or High School. By completing this form I HEREBY
COSTS OF ANY NATURE which may arise in connection with Custom College
Recruiting LLC, whether caused by the negligence of Custom College Recruiting LLC,
its employees or agents, or caused by some other means. Further, I hereby agree not
to file suit against Custom College Recruiting LLC, its employees, or agents for claims
arising from the use of Custom College Recruiting's services.

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