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College football

College Football Recruiting

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Football Recruiting & Scholarship Information

In the U.S. there are over 1.25 million football athletes at the high school level. Only a small percentage of those participants are lucky enough to go through the college football recruiting process and eventually earn a scholarship to an NCAA, NAIA, or Junior College institution. To make sure you’re included in that percentage, CCR is here to help with information you can use to separate yourself from other recruits pursuing college football scholarships.

Do Your Part

The only one who can guarantee you a college football scholarship are the coaches themselves. Using a recruiting service such as CCR assists the recruitment process through our proven method of working with high school athletes pursuing college football but even then there are certain things that CCR cannot control like your physical and academic development. Therefore, to give yourself the best chance of earning a college football scholarship means that you, as the athlete, must work hard and do your part to make yourself the best prospect available by also working as hard as you can in the classroom to earn the best grades you can. That doesn’t mean you have to earn perfect marks in all your classes or standardized tests; but in the same way you push yourself in the weight room, on the field, or the track to prepare yourself physically, you must also bring that dedication to your studies and trying just as hard to be your best academically.

Have a Plan and Get Evaluated

Football College football recruiting started yesterday, so the sooner you get started the better. CCR recommends beginning at the start of your ninth grade year as there are certain classes athletes need to be eligible for a college football scholarship. In football recruiting, as with life, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Involve your family and have a discussion about your goals to earn a college football scholarship. Together, you can create a game plan to follow year by year that will help you stay on track. Involving CCR can help your family as a support system to refine that plan and can provide access to services like having your abilities evaluated by our team of former college football coaches. Everyday, college football coaches are being sent athlete information and film all the time from potential recruits. Having a neutral, objective evaluation done by our team of football specialists at CCR provides a layer of validation to your abilities that helps separate you from other college football recruits as we have earned the trust of our tremendous network of college coaches that regularly recruit our athletes and receive player information from us.

Create an Academic/Athletic Resume

While football recruits can research and find a template for an athletic/academic resume that can be emailed to coaches, how does one know that the information they’re providing is what a college football coach is looking for? In the same way that CCR performs a comprehensive evaluation on your football abilities, our team has a refined process that helps athletes create a comprehensive academic/athletic resume that makes recruiting for college football coaches an easier and organized process as our vast network has facilitated access to anything they may need from contact information to film on a potential recruit.

Gaining a College Coach’s Attention with a Captivating Highlight Video

The reality of film is the better quality your tape is, the easier it is for a coach to see what you’re doing on the court, which may make it easier for them to recruit you and potentially offer you a scholarship. College coaches spend countless hours watching film from hundreds of thousands of football prospects from around the world. The average college coach watches roughly one minute of a given highlight tape. As a college football recruit, you should designate someone in your support system to film only you at games which can be used to create a highlight tape of your best plays. While you could send a college coach an unsolicited DVD or YouTube link that may or may not get watched, CCR helps football players by recommending possible edits to your film to help you create your best highlight tape possible and by providing validation because it is being sent from our team of trusted football recruiting specialists that will actually be viewed by a college coach.

Beyond the Gridiron

Defining yourself as a college prospect that desires to earn a college football scholarship is more than just making a 4-year decision to attend an American University. Choosing a college can be one of the most influential decisions that a person can make in their lifetime athlete or not. CCR wants you to know that academic and social fit with an institution take precedent and that football is the vehicle to help set you up for the rest of your life if you end up not being part of the even smaller percentage of college football players that play professionally. As a member of CCR, we are here to answer any questions that you may have to help you communicate with college coaches and answer any questions you may have throughout the college football recruiting process.

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