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How Do Athletic Scholarships Work?

Sports scholarships are offered to the athletes a coach feels will best fit the team.

What To Know About Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are offered by coaches to the athletes they feel will best fill a need on their team. A coach will look at everything about an athlete when considering making them an offer. Everything from the athletes academic performance, attitude, extracurricular activities, and of course, athletic abilities, come into the decision making. All of this matters because the coach needs to know more than whether you're a good athlete or not. They need to know that you will fit in with the culture of the team. They need to know that you work hard and aren't afraid to go the extra mile. They need to know that you're a good student and will even be admitted into their university. And they need to know if you might be eligible for academic or merit-based scholarships, because the more scholarship money you're offered outside of sports the less money the coach has to use out of their limited athletic scholarship fund.

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