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Custom College Recruiting athlete recruiting seminar

Reviews & Testimonials

See what previous athletes, parents and coaches have to say about their experience with our recruiting team.

"I felt CCR's help pay off right from the beginning. First, I could not believe the degree of reach CCR gave me and exposure I got. Second, their incredible understanding and commitment to the process. I had someone who knew what and when I should do everything (like take entrance exams) and what I shouldn’t. Third, was guidance. You have someone to talk with from that side of the world who can answer your questions and make sure you're staying on track. And their honesty about everything. These guys always told me what I need to know, not only what I would like to hear."
College basketball

Maksis U.
Riga, Latvia

Custom College Recruiting
"My first encounter with CCR was by attending a seminar here in Nelson, New Zealand. My son (sport is swimming) and I attended the seminar and we were both very impressed with the presentation. However, we were wanting to save money so my son began the process of contacting universities directly. He had a few Skype sessions with these universities but no progress was being made to our satisfaction. Then we decided to contact CCR and that was THE BEST decision we made in our pursuit of securing a US scholarship. As it was my son's last year at school, we paid the extra charge for tutoring for the SAT's and that was money well spent. He passed the SAT's with a very good score and had several high calibre Division I universities contacting him. In the end he had a choice of two Division I universities to choose from and we secured a 100% full scholarship from a fantastic university on the western side of the USA. My son and I cannot recommend CCR highly enough - they replied to emails and messages within minutes and were so incredibly helpful, friendly, caring and gave us really good advice in terms of choosing the right university to go to. I am happy to be contacted by anyone who wishes to know more! Thank you!"
College swimmer in water

Jodi M.
Nelson, New Zealand

Custom College Recruiting
"The transition from New Zealand to the US - which was truly only made possible because of you and the CCR Team - my folks and me could never tell you just how grateful we are! Thank you and the CCR team for getting me in front of my Coach here!"
College basketball

Ethan R.
Wellington, New Zealand

Custom College Recruiting
"I love what Coach Shane Howard is doing with Custom College Recruiting, combining his passions for basketball and wanting to help young people. For a coach at a small school with a small recruiting budget, his service is invaluable."
College basketball

Coach W.
Oregon, United States

Custom College Recruiting
"CCR really helped us because we had a number of agents approach my son directly and it was quite confusing. What CCR did was bring everything together into one place, and the impact was my son became a lot more confident about the process, he was less confused, he wasn't pulled in different directions by different advisors, and it was very successful."
College basketball

Carl S.
Auckland, New Zealand

Custom College Recruiting
"It's been the best decision my daughter has ever made in her young life to play college ball. All ours and her sacrifices have been totally worth the life experiences, rewards she has had over in the USA as she nears the end of her fifth and final year. Big thanks to CCR for helping her dream come true!"
College basketball

Maria W.
Brisbane, Australia

Custom College Recruiting logo
“We really appreciate your service. This is probably the best recruiting service we see regularly, as far as providing all the detail and info we need about players. Please continue to send us players!”
College basketball ball

NCAA D2 Women's Basketball Coach
Idaho, United States

Custom College Recruiting

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