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Our Story

How our founder got his start helping athletes from around the world.

From Our Founder, Shane Howard

Since my early years as a teenager, I have possessed a drive within me to help others. A drive to provide a voice to others that didn't have a voice, and a drive to help those searching for something but the inability to obtain it. You see, back then I didn't know how I would impact the world or how I would help people make their dreams become a reality, but I knew it was my calling.

Fast forward to the summer of 2009 when I was an assistant basketball coach at a small college in Kentucky. I quickly realized that I had a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe. I noticed in the university sports recruiting world there were a lot of companies taking advantage of kids and families. A lot of services were charging young athletes and their families thousands and thousands of dollars, and as a coach I realized what they were paying for was worthless.

After countless hours and many conversations with my girlfriend (who would later become my wife), I decided I would bet on myself and make it my life's mission to change the sports recruiting world. This was going to be where I truly gave back to the world and take the passion I had always known was inside of me and put it to work.

At this point in my life I had never started a business and I had never owned a company. I did not own a computer and I had just $1,500 to my name, so I literally bet everything I had on the belief that I could execute something most said was impossible. Most people counted me out, said I was making a mistake trying to impact a world and a marketplace that couldn’t be changed. Unbeknownst to many of those people, I had been counted out most of my life. Through the combination of being motivated to impact the world and fueled by the doubt of those around me, I became obsessed with building the biggest and most impactful sports recruiting service in the world.

We finally opened for business in January of 2010 and it was a great feeling. I had finally launched a service that was cost effective for families, gave athletes true value and offered them a real chance at a U.S. scholarship. A service that provided the thousands and thousands of university and college coaches something they could trust, that was above board and free for them to use to find great athletes.

I knew from the beginning this would be an uphill climb that would be the hardest thing I had ever embarked on. More importantly, I knew if I believed in myself and believed I was capable that it would be worth all of the sacrifices I had to make.

Custom College Recruiting quickly spread to working with families not only here in the United States, but also in countries throughout Europe and eventually into Australia and New Zealand. As we grew as a company and helped more athletes make their dreams become a reality, we began going on extended visits and seminar tours to educate the masses on the dos and don’ts of the sports recruiting process. In every country people were hungry for information, ready to rid their sports communities of those companies taking advantage of families, and we found local clubs, schools and national governing bodies passionate about wanting to help the members of their communities.

We have become the world’s only sports recruiting service to have official partnerships with multinational government agencies. We are proud to work in countries like Australia, where we work closely with local and state governing bodies to provide accurate and helpful information to athletes interested in accessing the USA university system. And places like New Zealand, where we are assisting multiple national governing bodies and have doubled the number of kiwis in a given sport now participating at a U.S. university or college.

In total, we have worked with athletes from over 40 different countries that participate in virtually every sport offered within the USA college/university sports associations. We have helped athletes gain access to millions of dollars in potential scholarship and aid, giving them opportunities that most young adults around the world can only dream of.

The most important part of this journey is being able to do things the right way, and stand up against things that are unjust. We strive each and every day to provide a world-class service with an even better level of customer service. We educate families with a true intent to make sure they know the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts about the process. We want to make sure families understand that in this process there are zero guarantees and no promises of placement, but also make sure they understand there’s a team standing behind them with a driving force to help uncover every possible opportunity. We tell families when traveling the world not to use CCR if you are wanting a placement service, a guarantee or to be told what you want to hear. Use CCR if you want to work with a company that is trusted by people around the world, is built on a reputation for doing the right thing, has a reputation that will add value to your athlete, and a service that will work.

We have accomplished some amazing things since we began this journey, but we are just getting started. We work every single day to help athletes, and we will keep working every single day as long as there are athlete’s who dream of playing their sport at the university level. I hope this has given you some better insight into who I am, who my team is, and the morals, values and story that drive us to be one of the worlds greatest and most honest sports recruiting companies. We look forward to working with you and your family to help make even more dreams become a reality.

Shane Howard
Founder & CEO, Custom College Recruiting

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