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CCR HQ (USA): 1-502-305-2129
CCR Australia: 07-3053-8645
CCR New Zealand: 04-488-7087
CCR United Kingdom: 0203-9363-626

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Sports Recruiting & Athletic Scholarships

Our mission at Custom College Recruiting is to help athletes get recruited and receive athletic scholarships to play their sport at universities in the United States. With our unique, hands-on process we guide athletes through each step of the recruiting process while maximizing their exposure to college coaches. When a coach is interested, they will reach out directly to the athlete and their family.

40+ Countries

We help athletes in 40 different countries around the world.

35k Coaches

Over 35,000 college coaches are in the CCR coaches network.

$70 Million+

Athletes have received over $70,000,000 in scholarship aid.

Sports Recruiting

Discover what the recruiting process is, who can be recruited and how you can optimize your recruiting strategy. Learn More

Custom College Recruiting Basketball Recruiting Profile
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Athletic Scholarships

Find out what college athletic scholarships are, how college athletes get them and who is eligible to receive one. Learn More

All Major Sports

We work with high school athletes from around the world who play all major men's and women's sports offered at the university level.

Player Card

Athlete player cards are your chance to provide up-to-date stats, academic and contact info to thousands of university coaches.

Highlight Videos

Add your own highlight videos that show off your skills and abilities. One or more custom-made highlight videos included based on package.

Athlete Evaluation

With the help of in-house former college coaches, we compile a detailed athlete evaluation trusted by university coaches.

Recruiting Education

Receive up to date athlete eligibility changes, NCAA rule changes, academic requirements, recruiting tips and much more.

Ask Questions

Never feel lost or overwhelmed. Work with a dedicated recruiting coach to help guide you through every step of the process.

College Baseball Player Sliding

How it works.

Our proactive recruiting process is more than a simple athlete profile. With our in-house staff of former college coaches and athletes, we know from the inside what coaches look for in a potential recruit. We use this knowledge to advise and shape how our athletes present themselves, ensuring they put forward the decision-making information coaches want to know. From there we evaluate the athlete as if we were recruiting them ourselves, creating a detailed scouting report that coaches across the United States have come to trust.

Finally, in addition to coaches reviewing profiles directly on our website, we circulate each athlete's personal scouting report to our network of more than 35,000 college coaches. When a coach is interested, they will reach out directly to the athlete and their family.

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Schedule a personalized recruitment video call with our team of Recruiting Specialists.

2. Get Discovered

Work with your Recruiting Specialist to optimize your profile and highlight videos.

3. Get Contacted

Communicate directly with coaches, ask them questions and learn about their school.

4. Get Recruited

Weigh your options, decide which school and team is the best fit for you and commit to attend.

Start your college recruiting journey today!

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Worldwide Partners

In addition to many club partnerships, Custom College Recruiting is the world's only sports recruiting service to have official partnerships with multinational government agencies at the local and state levels. See All Partners

Basketball Manawatu College Recruiting Partnership
Baseball New Zealand College Recruiting Partnership
Coastal Spirit Football Club College Recruiting Partnership
Green Island Association Football Club College Recruiting Partnership
Southern Districts Basketball Association College Recruiting Partnership
College Football Team Practicing

From Our Community

It's been the best decision my daughter has ever made in her young life to play college ball. All ours and her sacrifices have been totally worth the life experiences, rewards she has had over in the USA as she nears the end of her fifth and final year. Big thanks to CCR for helping her dream come true!

Maria W.
Brisbane, Australia

I love what Coach Shane Howard is doing with Custom College Recruiting, combining his passions for basketball and wanting to help young people. For a coach at a small school with a small recruiting budget, his service is invaluable.

Coach W.
Lexington, United States

The transition from New Zealand to the US - which was truly only made possible because of you and the CCR Team - my folks and me could never tell you just how grateful we are! Thank you Coach and the CCR team for getting me in front of my Coach here!

Ethan R.
Wellington, New Zealand

I felt CCR's help pay off right from the beginning. First, I could not believe the degree of reach CCR gave me and exposure I got. Second, their incredible understanding and commitment to the process. I had someone who knew what and when I should do everything (like take entrance exams) and what I shouldn’t. Third, was guidance. You have someone to talk with from that side of the world who can answer your questions and make sure you're staying on track. And their honestly about everything. These guys always told me what I need to know, not only what I would like to hear.

Maksis U.
Riga, Latvia

CCR really helped us because we had a number of agents approach my son directly and it was quite confusing. What CCR did was bring everything together into one place, and the impact was my son became a lot more confident about the process, he was less confused, he wasn't pulled in different directions by different advisors, and it was very successful.

Carl S.
Auckland, New Zealand

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